have a stress-free wedding morning

Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible


  • In the months/weeks leading up to your wedding day, we recommend visiting an Esthetician or Dermatologist to address any lingering skin concerns you may have (acne, scarring, texture, dryness, etc.) and create a perfect pre-wedding skincare regimen for you, if your budget allows.

  • If you and/or members of your party plan to have any hair on the face removed, please do so 3-5 days prior to the wedding day, as hair removal may cause the skin to lift/peel. Makeup may not properly adhere to freshly waxed/raw skin.


  • Since we will arrive approximately 15 minutes before the first appointment to set up the makeup station, please ensure someone is available to let us inside and show us where to go!

  • To ensure that everyone stays organized and on schedule, we recommend sharing these wedding day guidelines:

    • Sharing and discussing the makeup application schedule times (given to the bride prior via email) with each person who will be receiving makeup services

    • No cell phones, eating, or drinking while in the makeup chair

    • Freshly washed faces only - any and all makeup residue should be fully removed prior to the makeup application

    • Taking care of all needs before your appointment time (bathroom breaks, running errands, phone calls, fixing drinks/foods, etc.)

  • In the room where makeup services will be rendered, please ensure:

    • There is an available, working electrical outlet available

    • There is adequate space for the makeup artist to utilize and walk around (near a window with natural lighting, if possible!)

      • Please Note: You are not required to provide a chair or table for the artist, as these items will be brought with us on the wedding day, if needed.

    • There is a nearby bathroom with running water available

  • After the initial application, each client will be responsible for touching up their own makeup throughout the wedding day. Please ensure everyone has their own lip products and any other essential makeup items with them. You also have the option of hiring us to stay all day at an additional hourly rate!

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